Bridging the gap between business and engineering - How to pick KPIs that don’t suck

As engineering leaders, there’s no doubt that creating, tracking, and reporting on engineering KPIs is important, for both the engineering team and company as a whole. However, tracking the right metrics, establishing outcome-based KPIs, and wrangling data from disparate sources can be a challenge for many engineering minded leaders. This talk will offer practical solutions to overcome these challenges and drive continuous improvement.

Traditional engineering-sourced KPIs often fall flat with non-technical senior leadership. To be effective, what you measure should both matter to the engineering team AND other executives. Output metrics, like velocity, merged PRs, and sprint success are important for your team to track and improve on, but don’t map to key objectives. You should instead focus on metrics that bridge the gap, like roadmap attainment, app performance, user capacity for reporting out.



Jeremy Freeman


Jeremy is the Co-Founder & CTO of Allstacks. He is a software developer with a background in computer vision and a passion for creating and building things. Jeremy has more than 10 years of