Keeping your Product and Engineering Teams Aligned as You Scale From Zero to IPO

Your leadership expects your product to bring in 1 million in revenue this year. While you’re eager to rise to the challenge, you know that there are just a few obstacles: your engineering team is drowning in incidents, you have a growing backlog of features, and user retention is dipping.

Balancing feature velocity and reliability continues to be a challenge for product and engineering teams, especially as products scale. What began as just a handful of services talking to each other is now a complex web of dependencies spanning multiple teams. And you’re serving not just a hundred customers, but tens of thousands of customers distributed across the world.

In this session, we’ll discuss the evolving development and operational challenges of a growing product—and how product managers and engineers can fall out of alignment when it comes to timelines and priorities. We’ll highlight Service Level Objectives as a way to provide clarity around which investments are most valuable to make and build alignment from the C-suite down to the executing team. We’ll also describe why you should invite your product managers to your next reliability or incident review.



Kai Xin Tai

Kai is a product manager at Datadog, working on all things Service Level Objectives. She lives in NYC and enjoys drinking overpriced iced caramel lattes.