Getting to DORA: Achieving Your Desired State

So, your organization is now “DevOps” and DORA is being used a measure of success. What now?

Getting to DORA is unique for each organization, team, and system. For those teams that are starting with a legacy application environment, DORA maturity can seem nearly unobtainable. But there are ways to get focused, removing the friction and building the foundations to get unstuck and move towards a more DORA aligned operating environment. I will outline this journey, laying out how to simplify and focus on the important elements, and reframe the desired state of DORA by shifting the focus and energy left of the process. I will cover: • definitions of each metric, • how the metrics represent the “bigger DevOps picture” and • some key areas to focus on to achieve better results - building the foundations to achieve the pragmatic state for your organization • reframe the process curve that underlies the maturity spectrum The presentation will go into detail of how focusing on certain key areas can impact one or more of the metrics, backed by real world examples and fun anecdotes of lessons learned and observed. I will speak to what many organizations look like, how cultural norms, entrenched processes and mindsets can challenge a would-be DevOps champion and how achieving better results can be difficult. My goal is to help simplify and focus the energy from lessons learned, provide a phased approach to reach an improved state, show success to the organization, and become unstuck.

Key topics: cognitive load, simplicity over complexity, culture and process, helpful tips and tricks on how to be more better.

Takeaways: Provide a link to a breakdown on the topics and process described. Also provide a checklist to track the journey.



Micah Almond

Micah Almond – Head of Operations – More Better Technology (MBT) (a Digital Transformation Company)

Micah Almond leads a team of IT and Digital Transformation specialists