DevOps is Like a 10U Girls Hockey Team

The past few years, my daughter has really taken to youth ice hockey in the Junior Canes program. She was lucky enough to find another girl her age when she was 5 years old whose father is the NC State men’s ice hockey coach, along with being a leader in the Junior Canes organization. Seeing the changes in her game, mentality, friendships and leadership over the past 4+ years has really been inspiring. I wanted to give a quick ignite talk on how her 10U girls team has evolved over the past 2 or 3 years and how I see similar DevOps behaviors. There are struggles, but with communication and perseverance, you can attain very lofty goals. I’ll focus on the CALMS approach to DevOps and talk about how girls in this youth hockey program have inspired lots of positive change in the region’s girls youth hockey program. I’ll even include pictures of them winning 2 tournaments in the past 6 months that they were never supposed to be good enough to compete in. I think those positive images would be inspiring for our conference to see.



Michael Roberts

Michael comes to SPK with over 20 years of experience in bringing software to market. With a B.S in Business Administration from Methodist University, his industry certifications include those from ...