Workshop: Getting Started with Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform

Going to the cloud without automation can be difficult, slow, error prone, and even disastrous in the worst cases. These problems have given rise to a new class of DevOps tooling called Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). With billions of downloads, Terraform is the most popular IaC tool used by organizations today, and Terraform’s configuration language, HCL, was the fastest growing language on GitHub in 2022. This workshop explains how to get started with Terraform incrementally, starting the new cloud resources and then patterns for importing existing infrastructure in to Terraform. We cover the following topics in this workshop: Concepts in Terraform; A high level overview of how Terraform works; Understanding the basics of HCL syntax; Writing your first cloud resource; Best practices for using Terraform at scale. This workshop is intended for developers, engineers, and administrators. Anyone responsible for the deliver of applications and infrastructure in the cloud will find this workshop valuable. We make no assumptions that you’ve used Terraform or any IaC tooling before.



Phil Sautter

Phil spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about cloud and infrastructure technology. Over the last decade, he’s worked at companies like Cisco, Dell/EMC, and HashiCorp, where he’s ...