Devsecops - An Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs

The way we do security is fundamentally flawed. Current systems only work when we trust a third party, and very often we are required to hand over highly sensitive personal information for everyday actions such as verifying ourselves or making payments.

Enter Zero-Knowledge Proofs or ZKPs.

ZKPs represent the holy grail of information security: they are ‘trustless’, meaning they do not require us to put blind faith in unknown verifying bodies. They are as secure as current methods, and their tolerance for secureness can be tailored. And most importantly, they do not disclose any private information.

Sounds counterintuitive? This presentation aims to demystify ZKPs and how they can unlock value at unprecedented levels when combined with web3 technologies in the world of devsecops. We’ll introduce you to a fascinating new topic with an interactive demo, and give you some pointers on where you can learn more.



Shubham Patil

Android Developer at Natwest Digital Channels

Shubham is an app developer at Natwest, one of Britain’s biggest retail banks. He helps create user experiences that allow customers from all


Keerthana Ganesh

Security Solutions Architect

Keerthana Ganesh is a Security Solutions Architect with a background in Cyber Security and Cloud Engineering ever since she graduated from the University of Sheffield with