Engineering Lead Masterclass


Regardless if you’re an engineer, tech lead or manager who’s looking to grow in your current role or want to get promoted - leadership skills are always highly sought after. In this session we’ll go through some of the most important skills which I’ve learned (typically, the hard way) over the past 8 years as a technical lead and engineering manager.

What I’m aiming to give you is a clear path forward for yourself which you can use straight away and what you should aim for next.

We’ll cover topics such as:

  • What should you do first?
  • Effective Mentorship
  • Using Systems Thinking
  • Find and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Measuring team and individual performance
  • Influencing teams and individuals
  • Recruiting
  • … many more tips and tricks!

This workshop will be interactive and uses a Miro board. Please bring your laptop to get the most out of it!



Thomas Krag


Genetically Modified Viking

Thomas was initially set out on a destiny of studying and becoming a professional musician. However, a year abroad changed his life and he fell in love with the IT