Alessandra Patti

FindYourWay Coaching: communication meets mental wellbeing

Alessandra Patti is the founder of FindYourWay Coaching. Born in Italy and adopted by Switzerland, she has been living in Zurich for 13 years, where she started her company. FindYourWay offers guidance to companies, universities and individuals in the form of mental wellbeing consultancy and strategy, with special attention to prevention of mental distress. She consults and teaches many teams across industries and is specialized in mental health first aid, assertive communication for burnout prevention and digital wellbeing. In this workshop she partners up with company Betreat, specialized in companies retreats and regenerative events following the guidelines of wellness and sustainability. Alessandra and Betreat’s founders have a common goal: people’s holistic wellbeing.

Alessandra Patti at Zurich (Winterthur) 2023