Marcel Britsch

Digital consultant, product manager and business analyst

Marcel Britsch is an independent Digital Consultant, Product Owner and Agile Transformation specialist. Born in Germany, he has been living and working in London for over 20 years. He has worked with creatively and technically focused agencies and clients across retail, conservation, automotive, finance, healthcare and energy. He helps organisations build solid products and services in a sustainable way by facilitation, pairing, coaching or hands-on product management.

He believes that project success is strongly linked to happy teams, value-focused decision- making and fast feedback cycles. He is passionate about finding the best tools and techniques to optimise team culture, ways of working and solution design. He considers projects that follow classic waterfall / big-design-up-front practices to be too likely doomed to go anywhere near them, but loves to help organisations build products and transform in incremental evolutionary fashion.

Outside of work he is interested in SciFi and comic books, Theravada Buddhist meditation and number theory.

Marcel Britsch at Zurich (Winterthur) 2023