Love Letter to Legacy

“This tech stack is outdated, it’s a legacy system and oh my goodness just look at metaphorical gaffer tape that’s being used in code” - sound familiar? How about “We can’t recruit for this position, because nobody wants this legacy tech anymore”?

Why? So-called legacy code is the backbone of so much software engineering. How many banks, insurances or government departments would just stop working if the mainframes were switched off? Far from something to outsource to the lowest bidder, looking after legacy is a job for experienced engineers. Far from being the short straw, brown field development is just as exciting - if not more - than working in a feature factory knocking out microservices with the latest shiny patterns.



Gerald Benischke

Hi, I’m Gerald Benischke and I’m a software engineering consultant. But don’t worry about the consultant bit! I’ve worked with Ooredoo FinTech, Equal Experts, HMRC, MoneySuperMarket, Barclays, MBNA ...