On-Prem is the new Black

In a world where Cloud gives us the ease and flexibility to deploy and scale your apps we often overlook security and control. The fact that resources in the cloud are still shared, the hardware is shared, the network is shared, there is not much insight into the infrastructure unless the logs are exposed by the cloud provider. Even an air gap environment in the cloud is truly not air gapped, it’s a pseudo-private network. Moreover, the general trend in the industry is shifting towards cloud repatriation, it’s a fancy term for bringing your apps and services from cloud back to on-prem, like old school how things were run before the cloud was even a thing. This shift has caused what I call a knowledge gap where engineers are only familiar with interacting with infrastructure via APIs but not the hardware or networks their application runs on. In this talk I aim to demystify on-prem environments and more importantly show engineers how easy and smooth it is to repatriate data from cloud to an on-prem air gap environment.




AJ is a Specialist in the field of DevOps/SRE with over 20 years of empirical operational experience. He not only architects and designs, but also implements and maintains the infrastructure ...