In a land before metrics: Embracing the art of uncertainty

After almost 16 years in the tech industry, I finally had enough of the never-ending grind and quit my job to pursue performance art. I’ve ended up with a transformative experience that questioned many truisms I held.

As an industry, we worship data-driven decision-making. We believe by collecting vast amounts of data we can machine learn our way to the best outcome. However this approach neglects, that reality is not a petri dish under lab conditions. In the unpredictable world of live theater, directors don’t optimize for perfect execution, but for the cast’s understanding of the vision. And instead of reproducing the same experience every show, each performance is treated as unique.

How would we view and measure team work, user experience and developer happiness if we applied this mindset to high pressure situations like deployments or feature releases? Join this talk to find out and learn how to use uncertainty as a canvas on which to be creative, rather than a scenario to avoid.



Lian Li


Lian always wanted to save the world. After dropping out of law school, she decided to work with computers instead. While in Web Dev, she started attending and speaking at tech events, and soon fell