How civilisations end

Join me in this dark but also inspirational exploration of existential risks and what they mean for us working in technology. Come explore how, for the first time, humanity — armed with unprecedented capabilities to both create and avert existential risks — finds itself at a unique turning point that may decide on the future - or not - of humanity and in fact all life on earth. Understand the implications of the Fermi Paradox - or ‘why no one is out there’ - and the relevance of the ‘Great Filter’. We’ll explore the specific threats posed by run-away greenhouse effect, nuclear destruction, alien invasion or super-intelligent AI. And the potential extinction of not only humanity, but all life. As contributors to the tech landscape, we all play a crucial role, and collectively must become the architects of a future marked by resilience and ethical foresight, and guide humanity towards a secure tomorrow, transcending the challenges of the Great Filter.



Marcel Britsch


Marcel Britsch

Digital consultant, product manager and facilitator

Marcel Britsch is an independent Digital Consultant, Product Manager and Agile Transformation specialist. He has been living and