Pathways, Not Pitfalls: Building Platforms With Developers in Mind

When implemented with the end user in mind, developer platforms can take away a lot of cognitive load from developers and help streamline workflows, improve collaboration and accelerate innovation. By building meaningful abstractions and templates, we can remove a vast amount of complexity from developers. But how much complexity should be hidden? How can we ensure we provide the appropriate level of freedom? And how can we cope with every developer’s individual needs?

This talk will explore various approaches to crafting opinionated user interfaces and compare their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll journey from the concept of the thinnest viable platform (TVP) to the pitfalls of over-engineering, where meaningful abstractions turn into illusions.



Katharina Sick


I’m all about making things user-friendly, especially when it comes to Cloud Native and Kubernetes.

I’ve done a fair share of mobile app and backend work, but lately, I’m really into