Dialogue-Driven Development: The Human Essence of Platform Engineering

Join Marcy, a dynamic young engineer and product owner, and Stéphane, a technical architect, for an insightful look into Agile Kubernetes Cluster Creation. Witness how a group of talented engineers was transformed into an agile powerhouse through strategic team reorganization. Learn about our journey from one cluster to 1000 secure clusters in just 6 months, a feat achieved not only through technical skills but especially through a renewed focus on agile management and collaborative practices.

Discover how we enhanced user satisfaction and project success by fostering a collaborative environment, which was crucial for navigating the complexities of advanced Kubernetes deployment. Through initiatives like the Genius Bar for user engagement, we combined technical innovation with a profound understanding of teamwork and communication.

This presentation is more than a technology tale; it’s a story of human resilience, creativity, and the power of effective team management in the tech world. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike, it will inspire you to harness the power of agile methodologies and collaborative spirit in your own teams.




I am Marcy, a dedicated and versatile engineer and product owner, renowned for my triumph at the world’s largest hackathon, EU vs Virus. Despite being very young, my career has spanned a remarkable ...stephane-cusin

Stéphane Cusin

I’m Stéphane, an engineer with a focus on depth and detail. My varied experiences have helped me become a steady presence in our team, where I aim to thoughtfully explore possibilities and ...