Cloud-native warehouse automation: how Picnic pushes the boundaries of the cloud

In 2022 Picnic opened its first fully automated warehouse. Groceries whiz by at a dazzling speed on conveyor belts, robot shuttles, and other automation components. Initially Picnic’s own warehouse control system ran on-premise, since low-latency responses and stability are key to running a stable operation.

But as a cloud-native company, we set ourselves a challenge. Can we engineer a cloud-based system with the same guarantees? Turns out, we can! In this keynote we will share our lessons and the obstacles we had to overcome to make this reality. Engineering a cloud environment for low-latency automation control is one thing, migrating an on-premise setup to AWS while not disrupting a massive operational warehouse is quite another feat! Join this keynote to learn not just about the technology, but also about the people and processes it takes to pull this off.



Tyko Kieskamp

Tyko Kieskamp is a technology analyst at Picnic Technologies. He is interested in innovation and tech. With a background in data science, he now pushes for scalability: how do you set yourself up for ...