ArgoCD Odyssey: Navigating from Basics to Brilliance

GitOps has been around for a few years now, and available tools have matured. With ArgoCD, a single CNCF-graduated project provides a UI, CLI, and many advanced features for templating, customizations, and multi-cluster operations. But which aspects are great, and which are just noise or nice to have?

In this workshop, attendees will catch a glimpse at different strengths and weaknesses of ArgoCD and apply them hands-on in interactive labs, enabling them to make up their own minds.

In bite-sized sections, topics like ArgoCD’s architecture and first steps will be covered as well as the utilization of the project’s CLI and more advanced deployment scenarios.

By the end of the session, terms like ‘projects’, ‘application sets’, or ‘app of apps’ won’t be mysterious concepts anymore, but first-hand experiences.

Attendees may take their clusters home with them. 😉



Daniel Bodky

Daniel is a Platform Advocate from Germany who made his way from Systems Engineering via Consulting to Advocating for cloud-native solutions. He’s a huge fan of open-source, actively engaged in ...