Build a Magic 8-Ball App with Spin and WebAssembly

Interested in building a serverless WebAssembly app? In this workshop we will walk through creating a first serverless application with the open source Spin project. We will be creating a “Magic AIght Ball” app using a combination of new code and existing components. This is like a Magic 8 Ball app but with Generative AI. What you will learn:

  • Build your first Serverless WebAssembly App
  • Building a JSON API
  • Adding a Front-End
  • Persisting data
  • Using a Large Language Model for Gen AI

Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops and to have a GitHub account configured. This workshop will assume:

  • Familiarity with working on the command line
  • Knowledge of any of the following languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, or Python

We guarantee you will learn something new!



Sohan Maheshwar


Sohan is a Lead Developer Advocate at Fermyon, based in the Netherlands. He started his career as a developer building bespoke mobile apps and has worked in the developer relations space since 2013,