Influence without Power - Why Empathy is your Best Friend

Let’s talk about powerful conversations! We all know how to lead a constructive conversation, right? Then why is it so difficult to have those conversations with people at work, especially those in powerful positions that show resistance to change?

Learning to control and direct conversations takes understanding and practice.

Join this session to become a real influencer! Learn how to prepare for difficult conversations and get more successful results from them. We will use Dave Gray’s Empathy Mapping and The Four Rs model from Agile Conversations (Squirrel and Fredrick) to improve our conversational skills in order to be more influential without power.

In the session you will learn how to communicate more effectively with the people needed to achieve positive change. You will leave with a self-revised version of a difficult conversation and a practical model to use when you get back to work.



Suzanne Lagerweij

Suzanne is an independent coach based in the Netherlands. With an interesting background in education, coaching, and running her own tech startup, Suzanne has a diverse view on the needs of people, ...