How Can Engineering Leaders Measure the Impact of GenAI

Generative AI has taken the world by storm since its general availability to the public in early 2023. Going from novel technology to commodity in months, this disruptive technology quickly found applications in the software development world - and many engineering organizations are trying to capitalize on the disruptive technology.

Nearly every engineering organization has adopted, or is thinking about adopting GenAI as a tool for developers. It has become wildly popular for everything from generating code, to writing and deploying tests, pull request reviews, experimentation and PoCs and much more. But who checks the machines? In this talk I’ll dive into the actual measurable outcomes - positive and negative - of adopting GenAI in engineering organizations.

While engineering leaders rapidly jumped on the GenAI bandwagon, many are still struggling to quantify its value, not to mention manage its risks. This talk will discuss how and what to measure to understand adoption, quantify benefits and control risks in your initiative to leverage AI in your engineering organization. Join us to learn about the specific metrics you should be monitoring to ensure maximizing ROI on your GenAI engineering org initiatives.



Yishai Beeri


Yishai Beeri likes to solve problems, and that’s why he was so fascinated with programming when first encountered Logo back in the 80s, where the possibilities seemed endless.

He has made it a focus