I am Marcy, a dedicated and versatile engineer and product owner, renowned for my triumph at the world’s largest hackathon, EU vs Virus. Despite being very young, my career has spanned a remarkable array of domains, each offering its own unique and exhilarating challenges. From digital marketing to serving as a host for Switzerland hackathons at the Biotech campus, and even venturing into the world of 3D animation, my experiences have been nothing short of breathtaking. Currently, I find my passion at Banque Pictet, a place I hold dear. My professional path has evolved from front-end development and data analysis to a deep dive into the complex world of infrastructure. This journey has equipped me with a unique perspective and a subtly powerful energy. In my role as the Product Owner of the Kubernetes platform at Pictet, I combine my enthusiasm and sharp insight to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible, all while staying true to my commitment to innovation and collaboration.