A Decade with DORA

DORA will publish its tenth report on software delivery performance this year, marking more than a decade of research into what it takes to build and scale high-performing technology teams.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come, celebrate the successes of today’s DORA community, and make some predictions about the future.

This session will explore some of DORA’s key findings including:

  • Speed and stability are not tradeoffs
  • A healthy culture is essential
  • Improve by alleviating your team’s constraints
  • Software delivery performance is good for organizational outcomes and practitioner well-being

We will also look at the future of DORA and whether it inform our adoption of new technologies like AI and practices like Platform Engineering.

Join us for success stories, cautionary tales, and advice about how to leverage DORA to help your team get better at getting better.



Nathen Harvey

Nathen Harvey, Developer Relations Engineer, leads the DORA team at Google Cloud. DORA enables teams and organizations to thrive by making industry-shaping research accessible and actionable. Nathen ...