Platform Engineering XXL

SAP has ~30.000 people working in it’s development organization, with >1000 products on their price list using various technology stacks. How to increase developer productivity at this scale?

Backed by inhouse user research and industry trends they decided to lower their teams cognitive load by introducing an internal developer platform called ‘Hyperspace’.

Dirk will talk about the obstacles of creating ‘Hyperspace’ with an “Platform as a Product” approach to an organization that is highly fragmented. Concepts of Paved Roads (a.k.a. Golden Paths) helped them to provide guidance to teams with the aim to reduce team cognitive load while decreasing support load on central teams.

Join Dirks talk for lessons learned, impacts which they can already see and an outlook on what they envision in the Hyperspace.



Dirk Lehmann

Dirk is a DevOps evangelist and Continuous Delivery expert at SAP.

Since 2001 Dirk worked in various roles at SAP which mainly revolved around Development and Operations. Together with his former team