Product Management in DevOps

Companies and teams strive to validate business cases and make the right investments in technology and projects. With the ever-changing landscape of requirements and the emergence of new technologies, this task is challenging. In this talk, I will present a compelling case for integrating product management into DevOps. I’ll share my journey of how incorporating a product management approach within my team led to significant improvements in project handling, customer satisfaction, developer experience and how this experience facilitated my transition to a product management role.

This presentation will delve into the practicalities of aligning technical and business goals, focusing particularly on balancing adoption, reliability, and stability. I will detail my journey and describe how my contributions to the OSS (Kubernetes and Istio) community have been instrumental along the way.

The aim is to offer valuable product strategies for organizations and teams of any size. Attendees, both beginners and advanced, will leave with a clear understanding of how to apply these product principles in their own teams and organizations, enhancing both their technical and business outcomes.


Imran Noor Mohamed

Imran Noor Mohamed is a Senior Product Manager working on the Platform team at Delivery Hero. My role is to help our customers on their Identity and Access Management (IAM) journey.

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