Navigating the Transition: SRE Challenges and Highlights in Shifting from Monolith to Microservices at adidas e-commerce

In this insightful talk, we embark on a transformative journey led by seasoned Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) who have navigated the complex shift from monolithic architectures to the dynamic world of microservices. We will show real examples where SRE team played crucial role to focus on resilience and observability based on consumer journey while exploring the challenges inherent in this big change, from scaling infrastructure to navigating deployment complexities. Uncover the intricacies of monitoring and incident response in the microservices paradigm, and gain valuable insights into the art of maintaining reliability amid newfound flexibility. This session promises a deep dive into the practical lessons, best practices, and success stories that have emerged from the front lines of SRE, providing a roadmap for successfully steering through the evolving landscape of microservices. Join us for a riveting exploration of SRE in action and leave armed with actionable knowledge to enhance your own journey in this transformative era.



Andreia Otto

Andreia Otto is the head of digital SRE and operations at adidas, continuously driving devops practices, focused on the fastest, reliable and most scalable e-commerce! When not at work, you can find ...ravikanth-mogulla

Ravikanth Mogulla

I am Ravi, working as a lead Site Reliability Engineer at adidas. I am passionate about Production systems, keeping them Stable and Resilient. In my role, i ensure adidas Ecom systems are stable and well protected.