DevOps Lessons from a Primary School Teacher

Over the years I’ve heard from my partner about strategies implemented by teachers to enable children in class to learn, progress and excel, thinking this would be great for the tech industry and fits right into the DevOps culture!

We can assess our ability to adopt or assess the progression of adoption of DevOps processes through the CALMS framework. As engineers we focus a fair amount on Automation, Lean and Measurement, they kind of come natural to us as they’re tech related, but not as much on Culture and Sharing usually, we seem to find that a little more difficult.

In this talk I’ll go over some strategies, or lessons, common place to primary school teachers that are novel to us, but shouldn’t be, and how it will help us in our day to day activities in ensuring we achieve full CALMS.



Timothy Mamo

Timothy Mamo loves to help growing companies make the most of the cloud by focusing on Cloud Native technologies and processes. He’s had a varied experience, from studying aerospace engineering and ...