Aleksandra Lemańska

PCM Leadership Mentor & Speaker. Founder of LemanSkills, certified Process Communication Model® (PCM) Practitioner, Transaction Analyst, HR Consultant, Facilitator. Certified Change Manager, Action Learning Coach, HBDI and DiSC Practitioner. A graduate of the Kozminski University in Warsaw (Master in Management Psychology) and postgraduate studies in Transition Management (also KU).

She supports Tech Leaders, helping to lead their teams out of the low engagement zone, using the Process Communication Model® (PCM) and TA Leadership Method. She works with people on an individual and team level, discovering sources of low commitment and motivation, thinking holistically about people and business. Thanks to this, she builds intuitive strategies and tactics tailored to the specific context, culture and needs to maximize the potential of people, achieving the intended business results. She strongly believes that effective communication and ongoing feedback are the key to success and creating high-performing teams.