Ravi Thakur

Ravi Thakur is a Senior Solutions Architect Supporting Strategic Industries at Amazon Web Services, and is based out of Charlotte, NC. His career spans diverse industry verticals, including banking, automotive, telecommunications, insurance, and energy, where he has consistently delivered innovative solutions that drive business value. Ravi’s expertise shines through his dedication to solving intricate business challenges on behalf of customers, utilizing distributed, cloud-native, and well-architected design patterns. His proficiency extends to microservices, containerization, AI/ML, Generative AI, and more, enabling him to recommend architectures that balance performance, scalability, and operational efficiency. Today, Ravi empowers AWS Strategic Customers on personalized digital transformation journeys, leveraging his proven ability to deliver concrete, bottom-line benefits. With a keen eye for optimizing cloud resources and operational processes, he helps organizations maximize their return on investment while achieving their business objectives.