The Striking Similarities between Motherhood and Security in 2024

Yelling with pounding fists, people trying to tell you how to do your job, opening your eyes to find yet another mess was made. Is this motherhood, security or both? This lightning talk will be an interactive game of motherhood or security.

After stepping away from the workforce for 4 years, I found myself at the helm of my own cybersecurity business. As a Latina leader and mother, I am seeing the striking similarities in the operations of software supply chain security and DevOps problems of my team compared to the day-to-day ops of motherhood. This talk will inspire those to take leaps of faith, to try new things and think like a Mother in order to solve the toughest problems using relentless perseverance, strength and kindness.

Come attend this talk where we will challenge you to identify each phrase and/or scenario is a case of motherhood, security or both!



Amanda Aguayo


Amanda is CEO of Hunted Labs from Long Beach, California - a software supply chain security company. She was previously Head of Operations of a small business and worked on advertising campaigns for