Five Fun Facts About Concrete That Will Make Managers Rethink Paradigms

As managers we love to throw out slogans - challenge yourself outside your comfort zone, or - that engineer doesn’t really contribute a lot of work, but he is harmless…

Let’s take a look at some physical aspects of concrete, and deduct fascinating managerial insights.You need to water the concrete during the drying process - which means going against basic logic or intuition to get something better at the end.

Concrete’s tensile strength is only a 10th of its compression strength, showing that when we insist on challenging someone who is extremely proficient in a specific area, “outside of their comfort zone”, we might get very disappointing results.

And three more examples.



Eloise Ann Friedman

After finishing her Masters degree in Civil Engineering, Eloise decided to move to the software industry. She started as a backend developer, becoming a group manager and Director, before deciding to ...