Charting the Devops Multiverse

The Multiverse Theory suggests that every decision, every chance event, might lead to the creation of a new universe, a different version of reality. In the universe we know, a similar phenomenon has played out in technology. Over time, groundbreaking technologies have emerged, each acting as a critical juncture, a branch leading to new realities in the way we live and work. These technologies have not just transformed our world; they have created new possibilities, new ways of interacting, new challenges, and new opportunities.

In this 30-minute session we are going to take a historical journey through these significant turning points in our timeline. We will explore how advancements in web development and operations have shaped our present and opened doors to unimaginable futures. This session will not just recount the past; it will also offer a glimpse into the future, into what might be, and into our role as a community in shaping that future. Together we’ll trace the branches of our technological tree to understand how we all arrived here together at this very moment and what happens next.



Jason Hand

Senior Developer Advocate at Datadog, focused on DevOps, SRE, and AI. Committed to empowering developers with modern engineering techniques for scalable, reliable, and explainable systems.