The 5 Stages of Being Laid Off

Layoffs happen quickly, but their effects last longer. Those who were laid off deal with grief alongside their time-bound journey to find new employment. People who survive the layoff grapple with guilt and struggle with how to support their departed teammates.

After being laid off last summer, I want to share the insights that I’ve learned the hard way. From navigating those first few days and supporting myself and ex-teammates, to looking forward and pursuing new opportunities, I made both good and bad moves. And in the process, I changed the way I navigate the job search process and what I prioritize in my career.

If you’ve been laid off, known someone who’s been laid off, or might one day interview someone who has been laid off, this talk is for you.



Rae Krantz

Rae is a tenacious and empathy-driven software engineering leader. Currently, she works at Calendly where she manages a team or two and is in just the right amount of meetings. Outside of paid ...