Dungeons & Dragons: Becoming the Hero of the Sprint

When I began my journey as a QA Specialist nearly a decade ago, I had a lot to learn about testing, but the more sprint meetings I attended, the more it felt like the Dungeons & Dragons table. It turns out that fighting hordes of the undead and hunting down software bugs have more in common than you might think.

What did playing a rogue with a clumsy streak teach me about testing software? In this interactive session, I will explore 3 crossover strategies gaming taught me on sharing the value of testing, how to better partner with your dev teams, and how to free up time to get back to the things that you love - automation and exploratory testing.

We all know the heavy demands placed on software teams today to code, test, and be a human in this era of remote work. I’ll use an evidence-based approach to explore how to continue to improve your collaborative and problem-solving skills, while transforming you into the hero of the sprint.

Grab your dice and roll for initiative, as we level up on a Dungeons and Dragons style adventure in DevOps. Together.



Tara Walton

Tara has been an automation developer for nearly a decade. After years of writing test cases and delivering automated results for clients, she moved into the developer relations space and worked in ...