LLMs Introduction: What they are and how to leverage them

Join Nathan in this talk session where you will first learn at a high level what large language models (LLMs) are and how they work. Then explore how LLMs can be leveraged within your own application through an in-depth case study. The case study will explore how early LLM features were developed at Grafana Labs and share fundamental principles of how to practically use LLMs and potential dead-ends / challenges that can arise.

You will leave the talk with a basic understanding of some of the key skills for working with LLMs in your own applications such as prompt engineering, exposure to OpenAI’s API, and how to tackle common challenges.

You will also have insights around what LLMs are and how they can practically be used to improve your own applications.



Nathan Marrs

Nathan is the tech lead of the DataViz squad at Grafana Labs and is based out of beautiful Monterey, California.