REX: Redefine your DevOps objectives

Despite a short decade of implementation, the basic concepts of DevOps are still not understood or at least poorly understood in businesses. Uncertainties still arise, especially if managers have not been trained or interested in the subject. Like any transformation, agility being a good example… This change in practices most often comes down to the structuring of a tool chain. And the governance and managerial aspect of the said transformation is completely put aside. We can still see too often that Devs have stopped developing their skills and are resting on their laurels. And on the other hand, Ops who don’t want to do dev because it’s not their job. As a reminder, the idea remains to align the teams on the same objective and to break them up. We will use some feedback to illustrate some ways of opening the communication chakras: Rediscover the contributions of multidisciplinarity in order to teach teams to speak the same language. This is the basic foundation for implementing good DevOps practices within your organization.



Yannis Martin

Amazed about new technologies, I was able to evolve in different roles with one aim : See the other side of the picture. I try to understand independently the contexts and applications that offer this ...christophe-baudrier

Christophe Baudrier

Passionate about IT from an early age and a pathological “disrupter”, I embarked on a technical career in a number of companies, where I had the opportunity to develop my technical and ...