Xtrem TDD by Example

You have probably already heard of, or practised, Test-Driven Development (TDD) but have you already tried it in an Xtrem way?

What do we mean by Xtrem?

We propose practising TDD on a kata using mob programming and introducing different constraints at different points.

We expect you to find intelligent ways to overcome those constraints.

Those constraints can be of different types: Design, Testing, Practice, and Architecture.

Here are some examples of constraints that we have documented on our website : – Let’s Mutate Some Code

  • Implement Portfolio
  • Fight Primitive Obsession
  • No For Loops
  • Use Only Immutable Types
  • Avoid Exceptions
  • Use an existing monad
  • Use Property-Based Testing to challenge our Domain Model
  • Add an Acceptance Test
  • Functional Core, Imperative Shell – and much more …

By overcoming those constraints, you will learn new ways of designing your code that you can use daily.



Yoan Thirion


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