Pramod Rana

Pramod Rana is author of below open source projects:

  1. Omniscient - LetsMapYourNetwork: a graph-based asset management framework
  2. sec-depend-aider - Dependabot pull request monitoring automation platform
  3. CICDGuard - Orchestrating visibility and security of CICD ecosystem
  4. vPrioritizer - Art of Risk Prioritization: a risk prioritization framework

He has presented at BlackHat, Defcon, nullcon, OWASPGlobalAppSec, HackMiami, HackInParis and Insomnihack before.

He is leading the application security team in Netskope with primary focus on integrating security controls in the development process and providing security-testing-as-a-service to engineering teams.

Pramod Rana at Halifax 2024