Bad API observability: 5 anti-patterns in 5 minutes

APIs have become the building blocks of the digital world. You never start a new project from scratch; you use APIs to build upon. So when anything fails in the API that you are using, your whole user experience crashes. When it’s slow, your whole product is slow.

This is where API observability can be the saviour! Implemented well, API observability can improve your developer and user experience. It can identify errors, surface insights, speed up troubleshooting, improve reliability and so much more.

But on the flip side, bad API observability can lead to inefficiencies, frustrated customers and missed revenue opportunities. In short, bad API observability is bad for business!

In this talk, let’s explore the flip side. We will explore 5 anti-patterns to avoid when it comes to API observability - what they are, why they are bad and how to address them. This is one talk you don’t want to miss!



Budhaditya Bhattacharya

I am a Developer Advocate at Tyk responsible for product education, community engagement, and open-source ecosystem expansion. I am the course instructor of the API Platform engineering fundamentals