Unlocking Supercomputing Power with GKE

Title: Unlocking Supercomputing Power with GKE

Hook: Imagine harnessing the computational power of a supercomputer with the ease and flexibility of cloud computing.

Context: We are HPC and depend on supercomputers to process large amounts of data. Traditionally, these supercomputers were always on-premise. The cloud was meant to only provide additional capacity when we needed it. However, the world changed in 2020, and we had to adapt. This pushed us to embark on a journey to the cloud. A few successful proofs of concepts and prototypes gave us the confidence to pursue the new mandate.

Key Points:

  1. The Motivation: COVID-19 and a challenging economy need us to transition from on-premises supercomputing to the cloud.
  2. Scalability: Access to a larger pool of computing power enables us to handle increasingly complex computational challenges.
  3. Hardware Lifecycles: By moving to the cloud, we are no longer locked into long depreciation cycles, allowing for more flexibility and agility.
  4. Cloud Native: Leveraging modern cloud-conformant technologies and practices enables us to embrace a cloud-native approach to supercomputing.
  5. Cost Efficiency: Transitioning from CAPEX to an OPEX model provides cost efficiencies and financial flexibility.
  6. Environmentally Conscious: With a focus on sustainability, our move to the cloud aligns with our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.
  7. The Future: What does the future hold for us now that we’ve transitioned to the cloud? Where are we heading next in our journey?

Call to Action: Our journey to the cloud has been driven by necessity, but it’s also been fueled by opportunity. As we’ve witnessed the world change around us, so too have our perceptions of what’s possible. What was once considered the realm of on-premises supercomputing has now expanded into the boundless potential of the cloud. Let’s carry this momentum forward. Let’s continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, to challenge the conventions of on-premises infrastructure, and to embrace the transformative power of the cloud. Together, let’s lead the way towards a future where HPC knows no limits, where innovation thrives, and where the cloud becomes our new frontier.



Danesh Manoharan


Danesh is a technical lead in HPC DevOps at PGS. He is currently based in Houston, though originally from Malaysia and moved to Houston around five years ago.

Danesh has been with PGS for 15 years,