How to objectively measure the ROI of your Observability Stack?

Every new request coming into your infrastructure may not necessarily bring additional revenue for the company, but will most definitely cost money to observe given that most vendors today charge by data ingested. This is because each new request turns into N more logs, M more metrics and K more spans. Today Observability Costs have already risen to 20-30% of Total Cloud Spend and unless are getting actively managed and evaluated for ROI, will keep rising year over year. This talk will focus on what should you measure, why and how when it comes to ROI. We will cover best practices and present a broader instrumentation philosophy based on open standards like Open Telemetry that is targeted at ROI measurement. We will also focus on how to productize Usage Visibility and start a culture around consuming it across the broader engineering organization.



Ruchir Jha

Ruchir is the co-founder and CEO of Cardinal, an AI powered Observability company which helps improve the ROI (Return On Investment) of your existing Observability Stack. In his previous life, he ...