Make it simple, using generative AI to accelerate learning

Advances in generative AI like ChatGPT present new opportunities to improve learning for DevOps practitioners. In this ignite talk, I will demonstrate how to leverage these large language models to build a customized learning assistant that helps you skill up faster. I will walk through creating your own learning assistant step-by-step, showing how it can leverage your team’s documentation, tribal knowledge, and online resources to provide on-demand support. This ignite talk will also discuss current capabilities and limitations of AI assistants with a DevOps lens. While powerful, these models still require human supervision for responsibly staying up-to-date on best practices. The goal of this ignite talk is to start a practical discussion around augmenting our learning processes with AI while being realistic about its maturity.



Du'An Lightfoot

Du’An is an Air Force veteran and Sr. Developer Advocate at AWS. He has 10+ years of designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise infrastructures. At AWS he uses his experience and knowledge to ...