Help! My DevOps team is stuck!

About two years ago I was faced with the task of building a team from scratch, to rebuild and redesign an old application into a new one, more modern and flexible to include a lot of new requirements. I managed to build a small “DevOps” team which delivered successfully a first version of the new application. Today it is actively used in PROD, and continuously further developed. Leveraging public cloud, the team can cover the whole delivery chain in a “we build it, we own it” fashion. So far, so good, until it was time to scale. In this ignite talk I want to tell the story about why my team is stuck in the face of the application scaling that is upcoming. I will be basically making a point of the need for a shared self-service platform approach on a corporate level, so that teams like mine can lift off.



Daiany Palacios

Daiany works at Kuehne + Nagel for the Corporate IT Products organisation in Hamburg. Originally from Venezuela, she joined the company in 2011 and has had different roles so far. Today she can better ...