Balancing Technical Debt and Modernisation in DevOps

This talk explains a balanced approach for a successful migration. A thorough understanding of the quirks of legacy applications is the foundation for a successful migration to more modern infrastructure in DevOps. However, this understanding cuts across various teams, not just the DevOps or SRE team. The security team has to perform a risk assessment, observability has to be in place by the SRE team, infrastructure compatibility, incremental migration strategy, Quality Assurance team needs to perform tests, and Documentation also has to be taken into account. Stakeholders - internal and external ones need to be carried along to manage expectations.

The approach of working across various teams ensures that all aspects of the migration process are addressed comprehensively, minimising risks and maximising the chances of success. Each team brings its expertise and perspective to the table, contributing to a well-rounded migration strategy. By involving all relevant teams and stakeholders from the outset, potential issues can be identified and addressed early on, leading to a smoother and more efficient migration process.



Emmanuel Ahaiwe

As the Lead DevOps Engineer at Qore, Emmanuel spearheads comprehensive restructuring, optimisation, and upgrades, driving organisational efficiency and technological advancement. With a foundation in ...