SRE and the mental health of your team

This session is aimed at product leads and team members to help them understand that product reliability is ultimately tied to the resilience and health of a team. The session will provide real world examples of how applying SRE practices and techniques have directly helped the teams that adopted them.

The health of the product or the service you deliver is ultimately tied to the health of the team that build and support that service. Over time our systems and our teams have become increasingly distributed making reliability and resilience increasingly complex. We need new tools and techniques for maintaining the health of our teams, just as we do our systems. Used correctly SRE principles can help you focus on the most effective way to deliver reliable software and services. In this talk I will propose how these same principles can also be used to help your team’s productivity, resilience and health.



James Wynne

James has 20 years of experience in support, infrastructure and operations; mostly in the mobile wireless space, but has also worked in aviation, media and financial services. Most recently he lead an ...