DevOps Topologies 10 years on: what have we learned about silos, collaboration, and flow?

In this talk, Matthew Skelton - CEO at Conflux and co-author of the book Team Topologies - explores the key learnings from 10 years of Team Topologies and State of DevOps Reports and outlines key steps that organizations can take to improve IT delivery performance:

  • Organize for flow
  • Address team cognitive load
  • Estimate the cost of “tangled software”
  • Use the Accelerate metrics and community techniques to find good boundaries for flow
  • Develop secure foundations in social and technical practices that support fast flow
  • Take a realistic view about the nature and scale of change needed

By combining learnings from State of DevOps Reports and Team Topologies together with principles championed by the DevOps community, organizations can navigate a route to business agility via a fast flow operating model.



Matthew Skelton


Matthew Skelton is co-author of the award-winning and ground-breaking book Team Topologies, and CEO & Principal at Conflux. The Team Topologies book was rated one of the ‘Best product management