Eco-DevOps - Building a Greener Future

In ‘Eco-DevOps: Building a Greener Future,’ we will be exploring how merging environmental sustainability with DevOps practices can create more eco-friendly technology. This presentation will discuss practical ways to make software development and operations less harmful to the planet. I’ll share efficient cloud computing techniques, waste reduction in coding processes, and the benefits of green practices. By presenting examples and strategies, I aim to show how adopting sustainable methods can improve both the environment and tech outcomes. This talk is designed to equip tech professionals with the knowledge to integrate eco-conscious decisions into their daily work, ultimately contributing to a healthier planet. The goal is for the audience to learn how their role in technology can drive positive environmental change, ensuring a greener future through thoughtful innovation and operations.



Olakunle Abiola


Olakunle is a distinguished professional in the IT industry, particularly in DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). His deep expertise in these areas is complemented by his passion for