AI, You complete me

The value of the new genAI capabilities shine when they really become part of our daily workflows.

In this talk I’ll take you through the engineering workflow, from ideas to production and how genAI technology is making an impact there. From the simple asking questions to GPTs all the way to agents acting on our behalf. No role will go untouched , from product owner, over developer all the way to support and operations. Using real world examples showing the collaborative power this new technology has to enhance us to do a better job.

As this is so much work in progress, I will bring realism on where we are in practice and what is coming up next. This should give you a better grasp of its power beyond the first experiences you may have had and understand the rough edges of the current reality.

Get ready for a high paced and humorous overview to learn more on the exciting technology wave we’re currently experiencing. Buckle up!



Patrick Debois


Patrick Debois currently works in the intersection of genAI and DevOps as an independent consultant:

  • guiding companies in their genAI transformation journey , bringing engineering rigor to genAI