Ashley Sawatsky

Ashley Sawatsky is an expert in incident management and communication with a special focus on the SaaS world. While handling escalations and guest complaints as a part of Disney’s world-renowned Guest Experience team, she discovered a passion for turning negative experiences into positive ones. She went on to become a founding member of Shopify’s incident response program, where she oversaw processes, tooling, and communications related to the rapidly-growing commerce giant’s customer-facing incident response strategy. By the end of her nearly 7 years at Shopify, she led the Incident Communications team, which was responsible for critical incident communications across the organisation. Now, she works at Rootly as Senior Incident Response Advocate, where she engages with the SRE and incident response communities, and consults with customers from the world’s largest tech companies—like Canva, Cisco, NVIDIA, and more—on their incident response strategies.