Patrick Debois

Patrick Debois currently works in the intersection of genAI and DevOps as an independent consultant:

  • guiding companies in their genAI transformation journey , bringing engineering rigor to genAI delivery
  • inspiring engineering to embrace AI to improve their automation
  • advising genAI platforms on their product offering and Ideal customer Profile
  • raising the bar of our industry as a keynote speaker

He is a versatile technologist with a breadth of experience across Dev, Sec, and Ops and genAI continuously pushing the boundaries of his technical expertise. Known for his aptitude in harnessing emerging ideas , he skillfully guides teams and advises businesses ranging from startups to enterprises in their journey. Recognized as a trusted ally among dev, sec, ops communities.

While Patrick’s technical appetite is vast, his affinity for people is equally profound. He possesses the rare ability to bridge perspectives, effortlessly switching between management and individual contributor levels and roles. This unique experience has led him organizing the first Devopsdays in 2009. He is attributed to coining the term DevOps and co-author of the widely known Devops Handbook. In the past Patrick has worked together with renowned tech organizations such as Atlassian and Snyk. He has experience wearing hats such as VP of Engineering , Distinguished Engineer or CTO.

He thrives in sharing knowledge, organizing numerous community events, and presenting at many more. He believes in transforming his learnings into shareable lessons, using this feedback loop to hone his skills and broaden his perspectives. Through open sharing and lateral thinking, Patrick is not just enhancing his professional growth but also contributing significantly to the evolution of the field.

You can enjoy his past talks on his youtube channel: Connect with him on LinkedIn to follow along his journey: Or follow the firehose of learnings he shares on Twitter:

Patrick Debois at London 2024