Plan for Unplanned Work: Game Days with Chaos Engineering

How do you plan for unplanned incidents? You practice with Chaos Engineering. Strong incident response doesn't just happen, you have to build the skills and train your team. Practicing for major incidents gives your team insight into how your applications will behave when something goes wrong as well as how the team will interact to solve problems. Combining your Incident Response practices with Chaos Engineering roots your response practice in real-world scenarios, helping your team build confidence.

This talk will examine the various benefits of planning failure injection exercises, using chaos engineering practices, and leveraging both of these to help your organization become better at reacting to problems in production environments.



Mandi Walls

DevOps Advocate PagerDuty

Mandi Walls is a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty. For PagerDuty, she helps technology organizations increase their effectiveness with modern IT practices and unplanned